Vet Prac Alternative – Get The Most Out of Your Veterinary Education

by | Sep 10, 2021

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Vet Prac Alternative – Get The Most Out of Your Veterinary Education

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VetDojo is the best Vet Prac alternative, thanks to many factors such as its comprehensive, course content, multimedia formats, all designed and delivered by a team of global vet surgeon specialists.

A foundational understanding of theory combined with a meticulous understanding of practical application is required to succeed in the field of vet surgery. A veterinarian must have at least a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate in veterinary science from an accredited university. Alternatively, a Cert IV in veterinary nursing is required for vet nurses.

Both vet nurses and vet surgeons need to stay current on veterinarian procedures for their skills to stay relevant and current. For this reason, online resources like VetDojo and Vet Prac provide comprehensive information regarding vet surgery procedures. How do you decide between the two?


The content is the most important part of either site. After all, the extra features don’t matter if they don’t supplement quality content. You should choose the website that will work best for you, since both curate and feature their content differently.


Vet Prac’s content comes in the form of a series of workshops, some of which can be attended in-person and some which are attended online. Their workshops are categorised for veterinarians, vet nurses and vet technicians, all covering a wide range of subjects in all kinds of detail. These seminars include lectures and practical exercises among many other things. However, if you are unable to attend these workshops, their content is not archived, and will not be available for you online.

VetDojo, on the other hand, is all online content and designed and delivered by the vet surgeons themselves. Instead of workshops, their information is collated into comprehensive courses that provide step-by-step extensive knowledge on specific topics such as surgical procedures and postoperative complications in areas such as the ear, hip and legs. These courses come with process guides, supplementary pdfs and worksheets, interactive quizzes, videos, e-books etc.


Both VetDojo and Vet Webinar have extra content that is presented in a manner different from their courses and webinars, respectively.

Vet Webinar and VetDojo both feature blogs that contain broad information on veterinarians, such as successful qualities, types of veterinarians, reasons to be a veterinarian, etc. Typically, this is for people who are curious about the profession but haven’t necessarily begun their career journey just yet. If you’re already a veterinarian, you’re probably looking for something more advanced.

In addition to their courses, VetDojo offers a subscription service called the VetDojo Masterminds, which offers:

  • Regular clinical video updates
  • Templates for the best surgical practices when conducting operations
  • Documents detailing equipment, discharge instructions and complications
  • Live webinar sessions that also come with Q&As and case reviews
  • Access to a broad VetDojo community to share stories and questions

In Summary…

… both VetDojo and Vet Prac offer vet surgery tutorials and information curated by qualified and experienced vet surgery professionals. Vet Prac offers week-long workshops while VetDojo offers extensive and comprehensive online courses that you can do in your own time, with a variety of extras such as live Q&A and case reviews, that will ensure value for money.

So, if you’re unable to attend any Vet Prac workshops, and you’re looking for archived content you can access at any time, view our courses, or try VetDojo, the best Vet Prac alternative.