Vet Webinar Alternative: Discover Vet Education Tools

by | Sep 13, 2021

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Vet Webinar Alternative: Discover Vet Education Tools

See our full range of courses conducted by our specialist vet surgeons 

VetDojo is the best VetWebinar alternative, thanks to many factors such as its comprehensive, course content, multimedia formats, all designed and delivered by a team of global vet surgeon specialists. 

The field of vet surgery requires extensive and detailed knowledge involving a foundational understanding of theory reinforced by meticulous practical application. For vet surgeons, this means a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate in veterinary science from accredited university programs at the very least. For vet nurses, this means attaining a Cert IV in vet nursing.

For both, this means keeping up to date with vet procedures to keep skills relevant and current. To that end, online resources such as those provided by VetDojo and Vet Webinar provide comprehensive tutorials and demonstrations of vet surgery procedures. However, which of the two is right for you?


Of course, the content is what you’re there for, and both VetDojo and Vet Webinars have their fair share of that. However, both websites curate and feature their content in different ways, meaning that you should go for the option that will work best for you. 


Vet Webinar certainly has more in terms of quantity, featuring an archive of almost 800 webinars with an additional 100 webinars per year, each averaging about 45 mins to an hour in length. These webinars come in a variety of categories, including different languages (English, German, Spanish and French), species (dogs, cats, horses, pigs, etc.) and specialties (surgery, medicine, anesthesia, ophthalmology, etc).

VetDojo, on the other hand, is more focused, comprehensive and detailed in terms of presentation and information provided. Instead of webinars, their information is collated into courses that provide step-by-step extensive knowledge on specific topics such as surgical procedures and postoperative complications in areas such as the ear, hip and legs. These courses come with process guides, supplementary pdfs and worksheets, interactive quizzes, videos, e-books etc as opposed to just singular webinars.


Both VetDojo and Vet Webinar have extra content that is presented in a manner different from their courses and webinars, respectively.

For Vet Webinar, this comes in the form of modular courses (similar to VetDojo’s main content). In terms of content, these courses are more esoteric than their Webinar counterparts, with topics such as Australian wildlife, endocrinology diseases and disorders, and joint diseases.

Whereas VetDojo offers what is called the VetDojo Masterminds, a subscription service that offers:

  • Regular clinical video updates
  • Templates for the best surgical practices when conducting operations
  • Documents detailing equipment, discharge instructions, and complications
  • Live webinar sessions that also come with Q&As
  • Access to a broad VetDojo community to share stories and questions

In Summary…

… both VetDojo and Vet Webinar offer vet surgery tutorials and information curated by qualified and experienced vet surgery professionals. Vet Webinar offers hour-long webinars while VetDojo offers more extensive and comprehensive courses with a variety of extras such as Live Q&A and case reviews, that will ensure value for money.

So, if Vet Webinar does not sound like the service you’re looking for, try VetDojo, the best Vet Webinar alternative.